2010 - The Year in Review

Connecticut DeMolay had another great year in 2010. From the Initiatory Degree on January 1st to the opening of Nathan Hale Chapter in New Britain, we have continued to grow. I want to commend all the Chapters who had positive growth. 


I want to especially recognize Edward W. Slade Chapter in Wallingford on their extraordinary growth as they initiated twenty five new members. The namesake of the chapter, Dad Edward W. Slade, Past Executive Officer would have been extremely proud.  I look forward to all chapters having positive growth in 2011.


For many years, we have had positive growth but that has always come with several chapters carrying the load. I would issue you all this challenge, step by step, chapter by chapter, member by member; each chapter will achieve their own positive growth.  In order to do that each chapter will need to get at least one more new member than majorities for 2011 and one new member for growth.   I have listed below our goals and will be working with every chapter to succeed beyond expectation in 2011.



2011 Goal

Edward W. Slade

13 + 2

New Haven

13 + 2

Robert H. Heller

8  + 2


6  + 2


6 + 2

Israel Putnam

3 + 2

At Large


Marcus Holcomb

2 + 2

Sleeping Giant

2 + 2


2 + 2

George Johnson

2 + 2

Nathan Hale

0 + 2


61 + 22


Membership Incentives:

  • Chapters that initiate 6 new members by Conclave receive $30 per person discount for Conclave.
  • Each Initiate after Conclave and up to Brotherhood Weekend will receive $100 per initiate off of their Chapters' total Brotherhood Weekend bill.
Each Initiate after Brotherhood Weekend and up to December 31st, will receive $100 per initiate off of their Chapters' total Winterfest 2012 bill.

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