Join the State Ritual Team!

Building a strong ritual foundation begins in the Chapter and the State Ritualist Team was made to help DeMolays of all ages to expand that foundation. The Team started as a way for members to experience new and larger opportunities that will benefit their Chapter and themselves. As Ritualists, members learn new ritual and push the boundaries of what they know. The State Ritualist Team functions on many different levels, from helping the State Officers to assisting Chapters. The members of this Team are talented ritualists that come from around the State.
This Team will be functioning much like the State Officers in terms of helping Chapters with various ritual requests. There is a request form attached below that must be filled out 60 days prior to the day of the event. We ask 60 days because our Team has younger members that need plenty of notice.

Growth is an important part of a team and we are always looking new members. We do have paperwork that comes with interest in the Team that must be filled out and return to Dad MacLean Rankin. We ask all interested DeMolays complete and return this paperwork for two reasons. First, for the ritual knowledge of each member. Second, for Chapter and parental consent. For questions, contact Dad Rankin at

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