Executive Management Team

Executive Officer

Phillip A. Drouin

Assistant Executive Officer

Wayne T. Szretter

District Deputies

David Blake | H. Robert Huke, III | Kenneth W. Pfeifer | Dennis E. ReebelKeith L. Rushlow

Director of State Officers

Brian C. Rushlow, PSMC

Assistant Directors of State Officers

Jonathan R. Bryan, PSMC | James D. Hotaling

Director of Administration

David W. A. Abbott, PSMC

Director of Squires Program

James M. McMullin

Director of Education & Advisor Training

Jeffrey A. Northrup | David W. A. Abbott, PSMC | Richard P. Lavoie, PSMC

Alumni Committee

Paul R. Perkins, PSMC | Vincent D. Pegurri | Christopher Sylvia, PSMC, PICS | Wayne M. Vinton, PSMC

Director of Athletics

Shawn P. Connors

Director of Conclave

Jonathan R. Caliri, PSMC

Assistant Director of Conclave

David A. Farmer

Director of Honors & Awards

William R. Currier, PSMC

Director of Masonic Relations

Joseph C. DeNicola

Director of Membership

Donald Cargill

Director of Ritual

Edward D. Mackness

Assistant Director of Ritual

Douglas P. Rankin, III, PSMC

Director of Legal Affairs

Kenneth A. Northrup, PSMC

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